Our Story

Are you tired of managing or using complex systems in order to keep up with important company information, such as employees, projects, drawings, documents, instruments, equipment, and employee training?  Are you tired of paying excessive initial and yearly maintenance costs?  Are you tired of important company data being scattered throughout the company in multiple systems that are unable to talk to each other?  Are you tired of having to train personnel in order to use the systems your company relies on each day?

Look no further!  We have a web-based solution available for managing all your company information.  Replace your drawing management system, your learning management system, your project management system, your instrument database, and your equipment database all with a powerful and integrated solution from Wehrsoft.  We offer a highly integrated solution that can provide all the necessary functionality your company needs to manage important data.  Whether it is the first name for one of your employees or a large project involving many changes to drawings, instruments, equipment, and documents; let our solution manage it for you.  In addition, we can deliver training to personnel using popular authoring tools, as well as, integrate all the company’s personnel information with Microsoft’s Active Directory.

Not only is our solution powerful, it is simple to use.  We have successfully implemented our solution with minimal training for users that maintain and update data.  For many users, training has not even been necessary.

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